Friday, June 29, 2007

Unyielding Commissioning Getting Excited

I guess that's settled. Pitchfork fest is sold out. If you didn't get a ticket yet, shame on you. 35 bucks for two days with a ton of great bands. As I mentioned in this space previously, I am now vastly more excited for Pitchfork as a complete festival than I am for Lollapalooza. And it was about one sixth the cost. The schedule has been revealed as well. The cool thing about Pitchfork festival is that there are really only two stages to choose from (the two main stages are on different sides of one big field). So you don't have the dilemmas or the speedwalking required for Lolla. I need to research a few more of these acts, but here's what my general plan is for the two days as of right now:

The Twilight Sad
Grizzly Bear
Fujiya & Miyagi (if I can catch the tail end of their set)
Professor Murder
Oxford Collapse
Dan Deacon
Girl Talk

Fred Lonberg-Holm's Lightbox Orchestra
The Ponys
The Sea and Cake
The Cool Kids
Cadence Weapon
Of Montreal
De La Soul

See - isn't that more appealing as a complete entity than Lollapalooza? Granted, I am super-excited to see The Stooges as well as a couple of the other Lolla acts, but I know that these two days will be (a) more comfortable, (b) a better way to check out some new bands, and (c) easily a better value.

Consider me reticent. Does anyone else think that this Transformers movie is going to completely suck? Apparently not if you read the internets. But I'm not eager to race out and see it. Die Hard 4 is getting high marks from most reviewers, but after that third one, I'm still skeptical on that as well. Sicko, I'm sure will deliver what it promises - high quality family entertainment...

Here there be tygers...

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