Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Random Rules #1

Today we are ripping off the AV Club in the hopes that something interesting will come of it. I’m putting my entire music library on shuffle and seeing what turns up. The AV Club’s version is slightly different in that they do this with a celebrity and only use an I-pod, not an entire library. The other catch is that my writing time will be limited by the length of the song. So if One Minute of Silence comes on, expect only so much witty repartee. If this works out well, I’ll try it again sometime, but hopefully will have figured out a way to stream the songs so you can listen along. For now, we’re keeping it simple. So without further ado, let’s see what turns up:

Codeine – Gravel Bed Are these guys still around? There was a time when I played the bejesus out of this album (Frigid Stars LP). I think I was about 17 when I snagged a used copy at Dr. Wax records in Evanston. It’s a slow droner – much like everything Codeine’s ever released. I picked up some of their other works later in life and found them completely uncompelling. So either they’re not as good as this album, or I just outgrew this stuff. It sounds pretty darn good right now, though. I mean, you’d have to be in the right mood. Like after someone dumps you or you find out your dog died. I might have to revisit these guys. I always was more attracted to the downer shoegazer stuff than My Bloody Valentine (don’t try to tell me that’s depressing – not compared to this!).

Dinosaur Jr. – Back to Your Heart I was wondering if we’d get something current, and I saw these guys play this song two nights ago! I don’t really know why they gave Lou Barlow any songs. I mean, it’s the nice thing to do and all, but it doesn’t sound like Dinosaur Jr. This was pretty decent live, but not as moving as most of the others. However, J did get more aggressive with his guitar on it than on the album version. Plus, Fatso hadn’t gotten out of control yet. Well he had – this was right after he nearly clobbered the waitress, but it hadn’t started to affect everyone in attendance. This comes off as a blues jam which is not what Dino’s all about. A decent tune, but I don’t think it’ll end up on a greatest hits CD. If they didn’t want to throw Lou a bone, I don’t know that it would make it into the live show.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Special Secret Song Inside Um, er, this song is about partying. Partying on someone else. Partying on a specific place on someone else. A female someone else. I totally thought this song was just a joke when I first heard it, but as I got older, I realized that this request comes from the most earnest of feelings. They played it at Lollapalooza in 1992. But I don’t think they were singing directly to me... I wasn't exactly moved by it. This isn’t one of their best songs or anything, but when I was 16, I found it to be bold and somewhat important since a somewhat major artist decided to release it. I liked to party. I would have liked to party in the same place that Anthony Kiedis wanted to. But that would have to wait a loooong time…

Pond – Greyhound Speaking of waiting a long time. I eschewed my senior prom in order to catch a rawk show. Or rather my senior prom eschewed me. Either way, I went to check out Pond, Poster Children, and The Screaming Trees. That was the first I’d heard Pond's music, but they stole the show. I really wish this band was still around. Their last release (Rock Collection – where this track can be found) is an extremely unique album that I have convinced many others to cherish over the years. I highly recommend checking them out, but it’s not like they’re going to tour or anything. There was a night in college they played at the Blind Pig, but it was frigid and icy. Despite aggressive pleading, I couldn’t get anyone to traipse over there with me. I should have just gone alone. Had I known the band was soon to break up, nothing could have stopped me.

White Zombie – Thunder Kiss ’65 I discussed moshing last week. White Zombie at the Vic was probably the last great mosh pit bestowed on me. I knew about half the songs on La Sexorcisto going into the show, but this was one that I had not heard. When they played it live, it was clear that it was an amazing song, my favorite of the night. This was way before Beavis and Butthead made it a smash hit. Yeah, this song is incredible. I can see why Rob Zombie switched to making movies. He’s not going to top this. On stage, Sean Yseult looked hot as hell. Granted, I was 17 and that was before I’d heard her speaking voice (extremely mannish). I thought I had a shot at her, though. Sadly, I wasn’t invited backstage for a “Special Secret Song Inside”.

Well that was kind of fun. If anyone knows how to add streaming audio, let me know and I’ll try to get these songs up there. Go buy Rock Collection! I’m sure it’s available at your local used CD store for like nine bucks.

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For streaming mp3s,
you might try this. Although I don't know what blogspot lets you do.

I personally think later Codeine albums are more interesting. You should listen to The White Birch if you haven't heard that. I think they actually have a much more mature and developed sound on that. It's a little more towards being slow-core math rock stuff. I saw Chris Brokaw, their drummer, play a show at the Empty Bottle not too long ago that was really good...