Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And you might ask yourself...

...how did I get here?

One of the more entertaining things about having your own blog is that you can see what google searches people are using to stop by. Since this site has been up (around late January sometime), there have been plenty of surfers to stumble in here via various keywords. Some of these will be notable, but others will be absolutely shocking. I've broken the various searches down to four categories. Read on for fun:

Sensible/Notable These are searches that just kept coming up:
Imitosis definition There are a ton of people trying to track down the meaning of Andrew Bird's song title. He made it up, people! Because it's basically a cover of his previous song. Hopefully I was able to help these poor souls
Arnold Shirtless Let's just hope they weren't looking for Gary Coleman. Assuming this is Schwarzenegger, they came the right place (unless they want photos).
Rachel McAdams I find it hard to believe that I'm the foremost McAdams expert on the internet. I just sat next to her at once concert and that was it...
Smashing Pumpkins Taranchula One way to garner a lot of hits is apparently to misspell a word that people will commonly search for. I referenced the Strong Bad e-mail where he comes up with band names, and folks keep arriving here because they can't spell Tarantula. I get a lot of "Electrane" hits as well, but that's my fault since I misspelled it in my review. Nobody's prefect...

Bizarre These speak for themselves:
Maria Conchita Alonso facelift
Gittes manipulated sight and knowledge
Final countdown worst song ever
Kelly Preston death scenes
Fighting Bodybuilders

Tommy Chong daughter hot
Lasers for mustaches and unibrows and their side effects
Jim Jones rap instrumental from conan the barbarian soundtrack
How to convince your band director that your good enough to march snare
Silversun Pickups road manager
Starsky and Hutch bodybuilders fight
Arnold Schwarzenegger nude
What to do when something gets stuck in your throat
Brad starting as best boy which meant what oscar awards
Sven Thorsen bodybuilding photos

How much is the polyfuze method worth? That depends if you need a coaster
Arnold commando boobie scene
Nick Tortelli + women, isn't it enough that we have to sleep with them
Shirtless weightlifter
Andy's female fighting
Big butt+blogspot.com

Zack Starkey phone #

Disappointed These are people who came here only to find me ripping on whatever they were looking for - or perhaps that they were really just in the wrong place
Melissa Etheridge oscar
Sunday Morning Chameleon
The Syllable Section
Fighting songs of the 80s
Slings and arrows chicago
Why did creed drop there lead singer
Do you want the long answer or the short answer?
Linedance go grease lightning
moe- ok- all right
Cheeseburger in paradies + chord progression

Creepy If you're eating, you might want to finish up quickly. Yes, people search for this stuff and they end up here. I don't want to try to explain it.
Zachary Knighton shirtless
Preteen prostitues
Youth cage fighting

Alyissa milano nude
Twin brothers shirtless
Athletic and sleazy
Orgasm sound
Youth bodybuilding contestants 2007
Kids - shirtless and fighting
Preteen prostitutes 2007
Fighting youth underwear
Jamie Curtis crotch shot photo
Sean Yseult nude

Homemade plastique Just creepy that people are looking around for this stuff online.

Finally, I give you the absolutely creepiest thing I can imagine. Seriously. I don't get this search at all. And I'm afraid of the internet going forward. I don't have a joke here or anything. I'm speechless:
Judge Reinhold Nude

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Anonymous said...

I guess that's what happens when you have the word "shirtless" in one of your posts.