Thursday, June 21, 2007

Unyielding Commissioning Will Now Flog Self with The Quickness

Asleep at the switch. There's a new Bad Brains album coming out and nobody told me?!? Hot damn! The album, called Build a Nation, is due out this Tuesday. Their last effort at a reunion way back in 1995 was basically a disaster. God of Love, the album they released, was easily their worst. Frontman H.R. decked their tour manager. The remaining tourdates were canceled, and the band was done. However, checking out the "sample cuts" (each about 30 seconds long) on their myspace page, things sound extremely promising. Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys handled production - not sure if that's a good thing or not, but I am excited. It appears that they only have four shows scheduled, but hopefully they will add more. Hey Dr. Know - there's still one TBD slot at Lollapalooza! Not holding my breath on that one. It's a small shame they couldn't have made their re-debut at CBGB, but I s'pose they were just a bit too late. In any event, in this era where everyone outside of the speed metal outfits appears afraid to rock hard, we need Bad Brains more than ever.

AFI loves lists! For the last nine years, the American Film Institute has been putting out High Fidelity style top 100 lists. They started with the 100 greatest films. Then they covered: Laughs, Stars, Thrills, Passions, Heroes & Villains, Songs, Movie Quotes... Now they're moving on to......the initial, 100 best movies list. Considering there are only three films released in the last ten years that made the list, I can't help but question whether this was necessary. The new list features a lot of changes, which also makes no sense. Yes, I realize it's a poll and the esteem of certain pictures can change over time, but seeing as there are some major incongruencies between the original list and this one, doesn't that harm the credibility of the entire endeavor? Obviously any lists such as these are "just for fun" and only a complete idiot would try to call one of them "definitive" or something like that. But couldn't they have done AFI's 100 Greatest Explosions? Or AFI's 100 Greatest Gunshot Wounds? Or AFI's 100 Greatest Money Shots? What? Those are films, too...

Thursday Youtube: Speaking of the want for real rock these days....

Here there be tygers.

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