Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unyielding Commissioning Gives An Explanation Two Stars

Everybody Is A Star - Roger Ebert tries to give some insight into why he rates movies too highly. Honestly, I have long thought Ebert to be the greatest film reviewer in history. I realize that we're kind of in "tallest midget" territory here, but the man has an undying love of the genre, an impressive knowledge base, and he's a damn fine writer to boot. Even though he's the best, he certainly throws out the three-star ratings far too often. It's evident if you read his stuff on a regular basis. But his explanation here comes off more like a bunch of excuses, and you can tell that his heart really isn't into it. He's long lamented his star ratings and his thumbs, but I'm sure they've been a major part of his success. It's always easier if you explain yourself at the outset, right? Then you have a clear definition of criteria. Speaking of which, where the hell are those One Word Reviews anyway? For now, you can peruse the complete list here. But I promise they will be coming back soon. Some things got lost in the move and I have to track down the master file. Yes, we've got hundreds more. Stay tuned.

The Ugliness Is Its Simplicity - Over at The Movie Blog, they report on Forbes Magazine's list of Hollywood's Top Ten Overpaid Actors. The analysis is a complete joke in that they only used a limited sample of films, and didn't account for anything (advertising, quality of film, co-stars, etc.). Perhaps someone with some statistical expertise could put something worthwhile together. Stop pointing at me, I don't have time. Not right now. OK, maybe I'll give this a crack someday. Even though I called it a complete joke, you're interested in seeing who's on it, aren't you? Go click.

You've Been Wrong All Along - Ten Movie Misquotations. The Mental Floss gang pretty much nailed this list. Worth checking out if you're anal like I am.

Baby Don't You Cry - Mental Floss covers the Wah Pedal. Like, really breifly.

Screamin Brothers - (Sorry my lead-in titles suck today.) Eric from Scene-Stealers gives you the Top Ten Corporate Greed Movies. As usual when Eric does these things, it's pretty impecable.

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