Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Unyielding Commissioning Is Bored and Not Bored

NIN has a new track released via the internet. This time with vocals! The song is called "Discipline", and I have no idea if it's going to be released on anything beyond this youtube.

Whaddya think? Frankly, I'm kinda bored by it. But maybe after a few more listens it'll improve. So here's the new Mates of State video. Not boring in any way and pretty damn awesome:

Roger, Roger - Roger Ebert has finally started his own blog. Generally, his website features his movie reviews, Q&A with "The Movie Answerman", and the occasional Great Movie or Op-Ed piece. But this will give Ebert the option of breaking free of his normal structure and spout off on whatever he feels like covering. So far, it's been Arthur C. Clarke and an update on his unfortunate recent health matters. Welcome to the 'sphere, Roger, and we wish you a speedy recovery! (HT: TMB)

Free Bird! - Sorry, couldn't resist that one. Andrew Bird is playing a free concert at Pritzker Pavilion on September 3rd. Death Cab for Cutie is charging 45 bucks for the seats (though the lawn is only 10). Consider this a good deal. I'd say you should sign up to get your seats right away, but it's general admission. So just show up on Wednesday the 3rd. Major Kudos to Bird for doing this. He's a true Chicago patriot. Take that to mean what you will, but go to the show either way.

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