Monday, January 7, 2008

Never Cry Wolf

Mr. Goodson once advised his son, Joel, “Sometimes you just gotta say, ‘What the heck.’” In that vein, this space has been devoid of updates for quite some time due to the pursuit of something beyond the confines of the internet. As was subtly alluded to in this space, I quit a burgeoning analytics career to pursue other endeavors. Perhaps you’ve been following along on our sister-site, Road Games. If you have, you’ve been privy every mile traveled and each football game attended. When I bolted out of town, we stopped fighting youth, opting to join them in autumn festivities instead. What a trip. I saw the best America has to offer in terms of food, folks, and fun, regardless of how disgusting the McDonald’s was in Clinton, Oklahoma. It was very disgusting for those who are curious.

Since departing, the contributors to this site haven’t watched a movie or purchased an album. Sadly, there’s been no time. Has anything significant happened in that time? And should we care? By all accounts, 2007 was an amazing year in both music and film, and we’ve missed the last third completely. We have much catching up ahead of us. We’ll do our best.

While we’ve been gone, we’ve not forgotten about this place. In 2008, we will have a number of new ongoing features as well as some of the old favorites. Things will restart rather slowly before ramping up sometime midyear. In addition, we are looking for contributors. If you are interested in being a regular, or even a one-time guest blogger, please send a note to the e-mail address above, and we’ll see about getting your words out on our public forum.

2008 is going to be a great year of Youth Fighting. As Fast Eddie Felson once proclaimed so emphatically, “They broke my thumbs!” But then of course years later, he said, “I’m back baby!” Let’s go with that one.

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Kozy said...

Tom Cruise is a weirdo. Listen to noting he says. Newman however. He has some words worth listening too!