Saturday, January 26, 2008

Unyielding Commissioning on a Saturday

Back in Black - It's been a long while since we mentioned The Arcade Fire in these parts, which frequent readers may find strange. Our obsession with the Quebec group hasn't waned in the time we've been away. Not only is the new video for the Bowie-influenced song Black Mirror creepy and artsy and unique, you can actually play with the tracks. Take out the drums and it becomes a haunting, stripped-down dirge. Remove the backing vocals and it's a more naked, piercing approach. Or mix it up as it plays. You may find yourself spending the better part of a day here. Check it out.

They were holding him back - UB40 singer Ali Campbell is leaving the group after 30 years of reggae-styled cover songs. Firstly, who knew these guys were still alive, let alone still a group? Secondly, if your band's main thing is just to take popular, well-crafted songs (Red Red Wine, Here I Am, Can't Help Falling In Love) and turn them into stripped-down, boring pseudo reggae tunes, does that even make you a band? We say no.
(HT: PMaz)

Your worst nightmare (accounting) - Someone has put together a full list of all the deaths in every Rambo movie. Check it. Though we have to say the analysis is incomplete. There is nothing listed for the death of Richard Crenna's career.

Last Chance to Vote - for the 2007 Kaelin winner. Polls close tomorrow and the race is very tight!

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