Friday, January 18, 2008

Unyielding Commissioning Saw This Coming

Good Morning America, Indeed For those awaiting an update, yep, Diane Keaton is still totally crazy. You may recall that when doing a German press conference alongside Jack Nicholson for the offensively silly Something's Gotta Give, she had a complete meltdown. Sadly, no video of that event appears to exist on the internet. We assure you, it was funny. At the last Academy Awards, Diane played the role of a tipsy kindergarten teacher while helping Nicholson present Best Picture.

On Tuesday of this week she blurted out the F-word in front of the entire country. Lucky for her, and for Diane Sawyer, the FCC is powerless to take any action. (We covered this issue in our bonus Schwarzenegger Sunday last summer.) Whether or not she gets fined, it is clear that something has gone wrong in Ms. Keaton's noggin. We write this not to persecute her, but to express concern. It's time for her to stop making public appearances. There's no telling where this will end up. Doesn't she have handlers?

They Look Like Giants Death Cab for Cutie has been working on a new album. Go to their homepage for a pretty kickass psych-up video. It's not exactly Alan Parsons' Sirius at the United Center, but it's got me ready for May. Plus, Chris Walla has finally started to fill out a bit. He's looking more like a grown up every day.

Also Not Exactly Sane Tom Cruise has a new movie out. OK, it's not a movie. And we're not even sure if it's him or he's been hypnotized. It's basically just him rambling on and on about Scientology. He throws down a lot of acronyms in the process making it that much more confusing. Are people being too hard on Tom on this one? Judge for yourself.

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