Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Unyielding Commissioning is Rooting for the Machines

Whachoo talkin’ ‘bout T-800? Sometime last year, the Halcyon Company revealed that they were planning a Terminator sequel without the participation of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Various people were irate at this news, but in our role as Schwarzenegger experts, we deemed it feasible enough. Arnold is too old to play a non-buttling robot. While that fourth Terminator movie is still in the works, it appears they also have gone in a different direction.

If you’ve watched anything on Fox lately, you’ve no doubt seen the ads for The Sarah Connor Chronicles. One can only assume that James Cameron clearly has nothing to do with this, and neither should you. Based on the commercials, it looks cheap, shoddy, and hastily thrown together. If nobody tunes in to watch, it will quickly go away and we can all pretend it never happened. Not that you needed any extra urging, but please don’t bother with it.

Heads to the Present I had no idea, but apparently The Futureheads are working on a new album which will be out “sometime in 2008.” They cancelled their last US tour two years ago for reasons I can not recall. Illness or injury or something. If you go to their website (look at the bottom right), you can download "Broke Up The Time," a track from the new album. It’s fast as hell and oh so them. Go get it!

The New Chuck Norris Facts You like the idea of Chuck Norris much better than anything about him that’s associated with his reality. Now he’s getting into the political realm because he’s more whipped than a rented donkey. Perhaps you saw his teeth and beard standing behind Mike Huckabee last week. Since when was Chuck into this sort of thing? Since he married his trophy wife who just happens to be way into Jesus. Recently, he and wifey spoke out on Youtube addressing one of the most important issues of our time – that the bible should be taught in public schools as literature. Chuck had somehow revitalized his career thanks to the hilarious Chuck Norris Facts website and the hilarious unintentional comedy of Walker Texas Ranger. But I have to think that by buying into his wife’s campaign so earnestly, he’s going to lose his remaining street cred, even the ironic stuff.

Why did DLP hire a little girl who don’t talk good? It’s the mirrors! Not the Mears! He’s a retired Formula 1 driver. Damn you little girl who can’t talk! Get off my TV!

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