Monday, January 30, 2012

One Word Review: TRON Legacy

63: Shiny


PMaz said...

Fan of the first one (to some degree), but hated this one. It didn't help that my wife was bashing it the entire time we watched it. Even my kids thought it was dullsville. I give it a 22. I had to put it lower than your score for "Unknown", which I liked.

Reed said...

22?!? It does sound like your co-audience didn't do you many favors. I think it helps that I had it in HD on a big TV. The whole idea of this movie was to see it in 3-D on an I-MAX. I couldn't make that happen, unfortunately. The plot is relatively worthless (though the first one suffers under scrutiny as well). I admit, however, that I was rather kind to overlook the flaws a bit.

Unknown was 70% of a good movie, but the 30% was so craven, so insulting to the audience that it completely ruined the movie for me. Here's a review that summed up my feelings very well.