Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top 50 Albums of the 2000s: Overview

I'm under no delusion that this is an original idea. Surely every music-related blog will be doing the same thing between now and the end of the year. But it is such a rare opportunity that we come to the end of a decade, that I felt the urge to document the music that deserves to be celebrated from the last ten years. Looking back, I don't think we'll say that this was a brilliant era for music, but certainly a decade is enough time that we have a multitude of worthwhile rock, roll and soul to recognize. Starting today, we're going to review the official Fighting the Youth Top 50 Albums of the 00s. Expect a new addition every couple days until we finish at the end of December with the most expected thing I've unveiled in this site since a chubby Cubs fan Zsa Zsa Gabored me at Lollapalooza.

I should note that if someone else were creating this list, they would have their own criteria, methodology, and reasoning. This list is not a poll of writers or blog contributors. I have not asked Kozy or Pmaz, Biz, and Jonas their opinions. They may very well create their own lists with their own reasons. But loyal readers also know my analytical nature that leads me to desire some structure for this endeavor. My criteria is simple. I care about M.E. --> my enjoyment. So when I say I am counting down the FtY official Top 50 albums of the 2000s, that means that these are the 50 albums that have given me the most over these past ten years. To be sure there is are quality releases that didn't make the cut, but when in doubt, I went back to the question, "How much did I get out of this record?" That made things a bit more simple. So, with all due respect to Radiohead and the decade that most would generally agree belongs to them, they're only getting one spot on this list. I won't reveal the whole thing until we actually get there, and we're going one album at a time. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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