Thursday, August 27, 2009

Top 50 albums of the 00s - #48, Shout Out Louds: Howl Howl Gaff Gaff

Yep, we're counting down the top 50. Click here for overview and criteria.

I have to be honest. This album nearly didn't make the cut. But going back to that whole "enjoyability factor" upon which I based my overarching criteria, I couldn't leave it out. There's really nothing profound about this record. But it's gotta be the sweetest little album you'll ever hear.

They open with the boop-boop-boop-beeeeeeeep taken directly from Atari's Pole Position before kicking into their first single, "The Comeback." I mean, how cute is that? But not only cute, it was a crafty move that sets up the groovy guitars. The rest of the album flows from there, alternately hopeful and forlorn. But at every point, you get the feeling that these are people you'd want to hang out with. The album is overtly welcoming.

After the most forlorn tune, "Go Sadness," another brilliantly cheery riff kicks off "Please Please Please" and we go round again. Like I said at the top, there's nothing profound here. But that's not the point. It's great background music in that you feel like your life is going well when it's on. When DJ-ing a party, I have often reverted to "The Comeback" when I needed an old favorite that I knew couldn't miss, whether anyone had heard it before or not. Sometimes it's OK to be a goody-goody. In sum, I pop this sucker in way too often to leave it in the honorable mentions now. If that makes me a goody-goody, I'll have to live with that distinction.

(Note, this is NOT the real video. Someone made it for a school project. But the song is legit.)

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