Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Youtube: Child Labor Edition

...because I didn't want to call it the 10,387,395th MJ Tribue Edition. This comes by request from Winston Wolf. In The Wolf's words, "How does a 10 year old sing with this much emotion about a girl he 'broke up' with?" He also says, "If only they didn't put those silly lyrics in there." You'll see what he means. Enjoy.

Bonus Thursday Youtube - 10,387,396th MJ Tribute Edition. I heard the rumors that Stevie brought the house down. Of course he did. He's the most amazing performer I can think of. As sad as everyone seems to be about Jackson's departure, when Stevie goes I know I'm going to be despondent for a month. Here he is performing one of his most passionate songs (also one that Jackson chose to cover). Enjoy.

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