Monday, June 9, 2008

Booking Bands

While tossing back a couple lemonades on Friday night with some friends, one told us of a recent corporate event where the head honcho held a Q&A, but wouldn't let anyone even begin to ask question unless they booked a band. He went on to explain that it was simply a semantic exercise by which you combine the name of a famous book with a band. Over several more lemonades, we came up with a ton. Lo and behold, the fad has been going around the internet recently. Without looking at those sites very carefully, here are some of the best we could come up with:

The Heart of The Darkness

The Picture of Dorian Grayarea

Far from the Madding Crowded House

All Quiet on Front 242

Moby Dick Dale and the Del-Tones

The Name of the Guns N Roses

Count Basie of Monte Cristo

The Cask of Amon Tobin

The Call of the Wyld Stallyns (yeah, I know they're not real, sue me)

The Scarlet Lettermen

The Old Man and the Sea and Cake

Rammer Jammer MC Hammer

The Audacity of Hope Conspiracy

The Lionel, The Richie, and the Wardrobe

Alice in Stevie Wonderland

And there are yet more options!

Booking Video Games:
Catcher in the Rygar

Pac Man of La Mancha

The Brothers Super Karamazov

Banding Films:
Broken Social Scenes from a Marriage

There Will Be My Bloody Valentine

I could go on all day, but I'm looking for some group participation here. Who's got some good ones?


Madison said...

Booking a movie

The Grapes of Wrath of Kahn

Anonymous said...

Catch 22...already a book AND a band

Reed said...

Come on, Kyle. You're not even trying. Here's another one:
Fury in the Slaughterhouse Five

Anonymous said...

Odd Rob Thomas

David K Roberts said...

This is what I thought of when I went to the conference (but I had no questions so I kept em to myself)

>>Napalm Death of a salesman
>>To Killing Joke a mockingbird
>>Naked Raygun Lunch
>>Slaughterhouse Jackson Five
>>Joy Division Luck Club