Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Unyielding Commissioning Loves It When It's Free

I think we're gonna need a smaller boat -- My Bloody Valentine is reunited and playing in our fair city. They will be at the Aragon on September 27th. If you are unawares, MBV is widely considered the seminal shoegazer rock outfit, influencing such acts as Ride, Lush, The Verve, Swervedriver, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Spiritualized, Mew and countless others. They slowly broke up in the early nineties, though the years since their departure have been kind to the group as more and more people laud their influence. But the Aragon? It's a 4,000 person venue. Yes, this group is respected and esteemed and important. But they never had anything close to a hit single and I can't imagine they're going to fill that place. The Riviera would have probably been a better choice. I've been to half-empty shows at the Aragon and they make the place feel even more cavernous and barny. We'll see what happens, but I wouldn't be shocked if they move this to the Vic.

Everybody Wants Him -- Iron Man lives again! 102 million dollars last weekend. Furthermore, the IMDb rating is a lofty 8.4 (99th best all time). Looks like expanding the trailer was a good idea. Jon Favreau's other directorial outings have had their strengths, but all have been flawed in various ways. Apparently he has hit a home run with this one, as Morty and Stephen predicted.

Street Pharmacists -- The Do-Division Street Festival looks awesome. Ted Leo is headlining on Sunday, June 1, and we know he always delivers. Other top acts include: Lucero, Mucca Pazza, and The 1900s. Note that this is not Wicker Park Fest which takes place in late July, but is nearly in the same spot. There's a five dollar "donation" cover charge, which is pretty much unbeatable. So, uh, get your tickets?

Do Yourself a Favor -- Stevie Wonder is playing for free at Taste of Chicago. Now I'm really glad I bought tickets to see him at Summerfest in Milwaukee. Whoops. Uh, anyone in the Brew City need a pair? Anyway, this is beyond exciting. Seven years ago, I saw him play for free in Detroit's Hart Plaza to celebrate the city's 300th birthday. It was possibly the best performance I've ever witnessed. So, uh, get your tickets? Stevie plays at the Petrillo Music Shell on June 28.

The Lowest Part is Free -- New Tapes 'n Tapes video! Pretty great, though I can't really figure out what they're trying to say (nor have I figured out what the lyrics to the song mean). Perhaps it's about how Wal-Mart ruins the soul. Anyways, check it out:

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Anonymous said...

Nice... I think I'm going to take the bait on this one. :*)

You could probably fill the Aragon several times over with all the rock critics who have put the MBV's Loveless album in their top 10 or however-many albums of the 90s lists. Still... they're not all in Chicago. Loveless has slipped from no. 1 to no. 2 on Pitchfork's top albums of the 90s over the years. It's funny how the "best of the decade" seems to be a continuously evolving thing long after that decade is over. As if we discover what we should have been listening to if we had only known.

We may need to place bets? I think it will sell out in 1 hour or less.