Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Unyielding Commissioning Goes Rustic

For the last time -- Have you contacted your alderman yet? As discussed here on Friday, the Chicago music scene needs your help. Details here. Also, the issue will be covered on WTTW's Chicago Tonight broadcast this evening at 7pm. If you don't chime in today, it will be too late. The vote is still currently scheduled for tomorrow. Do it!

UPDATE! -- We did it! You did it! Well, somebody did it. The Promoters Ordinance has been tabled (for now). So we can breathe easy for the moment. Thanks to everyone who did their part. We'll definitely keep track of this issue, but kudos to the folks in city hall who stepped back from their hasty plan and are getting more significant input from the people this will impact the most.

Bird on Bird -- In today's New York Times OpEd section, Andrew Bird goes into fascinating detail about the recording process for his new album. He confesses that he is a bit of a control freak, and explains his adoration for the more natural, old-fashioned recording techniques. Worth a read.

The Youth Are Getting Restless -- In Scene-Stealers' Tuesday Top Ten: Eric's Top Ten Alienated Youth Movies. I've only seen three of these! I'm as surprised as you. I always thought I was a pretty alienated youth. Perhaps I need to do some filmic digging and catch up.

More Music -- Lolla has included a few more acts to their lineup. New additions are Iron & Wine, Toadies, Saul Williams, DeVotchKa, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, and Wild Sweet Orange. Pitchfork added a bunch a while ago (and continues to sporadically supply them by the handful). Latest additions include: The Hold Steady, Caribou, and Sebadoh. See the entire lineup here.

Test your legal knowledge -- Not the greatest quiz in Mental Floss history, but see how much you know about Music Lawsuits.

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