Monday, August 13, 2007

We Live to Fight Another Day

I regret to announce that things here are winding down for the time being. This has to happen because I am embarking on a new project dealing with the fans, history, and traditions of College Football. Seems like an odd departure from music and movies, huh? It is a sport about which I and many others happen to be very passionate. I will be spending the entire 2007 college football season traveling across America, going from school to school to find interesting fans who are even more devoted to their sport than you are to Skinny Puppy and The Coen Brothers. The end product will be an interesting look at our country and hopefully a book people will want to read.

The seven months for me here at Fighting the Youth have been joyful ones. We covered a lot of ground in that time and even did a little analysis along the way. I’m not taking the site down by any means, and will possibly post some new material if the spirit moves me and I somehow find the time. We’ll bring things back full time in 2008. To see what I’m up to in the meanwhile, my new blog tracking my travels is located here. Feel free to check it out and give me a shout along the way. It’ll get lonely on the road and nice to hear from friendly folks.

Thanks so much to everyone for reading. It’s really been a blast for me, and I truly appreciate y’all checking out my rants, raves, and reviews. So until 2008, keep on rawkin’, rollin’ and rejoicing. I'll see you right back here then!


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Kozy said...

So long and farewell! Thanks for a great 6 + months of reading. You have made my work-day pass more quickly than it would have otherwise.

I look forward to following your US travels with your new blog. Be sure to do a Beer Bong at each campus for me!

- Brad