Friday, February 13, 2009

Unyielding Commissioning Has a Case of the Fridays

Kreepy Kissing - Scene Stealers delivers the Top Ten weirdo/unlikely couples in the movies. Speaking of creepy, the dudes from Spinal Tap are looking ooooold. And looking for sponsorship. I recommend Isotoner Gloves.

I'd like to thank Police Academy - Did these notable actors ever win an Oscar? A quiz from Mental Floss. I notched 13/15, but only becuase I got stupid halfway through.

I can see the music! - Roger Ebert pushes the bounds of existential blogging. Uhhh, I don't even really get this one. Can anyone help?

Don't bring me down, Bruce - Also from Scene Stealers, in case you are in need of a last-minute gift, buy yourself some extra time by sending a Saint Balentines e-card to your sweetie right away. If you don't get it, then it isn't funny. But it's funny. See?


PMaz said...

Man...I only got 11 out of 15 on the Oscar quiz. One I should not have missed...Walter Matthau. One I was stunned by....Paltrow! Completely forgot about that one.

Reed said...

Wow. You're lucky. To me, it is sadly one of the more memorable ones... though it was a weak year in that category.