Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Unyielding Commisioning Digs Deep During a Slow News Week

Blooooood! - Stumbled across an old posting of the Top 70 Vampire Movies of all time. As you might imagine, it's rather comprehensive. No, Once Bitten is not among them, thus adding to the validity of the list. I wonder where Twilight would end up if they revamped it. Uh, did I just say "revamped"? My apologies.

We'll do it live! - In case you haven't heard Christian Bale's meltdown on the set of the new Terminator film, it's worth a listen. I already had major doubts about the McG-helmed picture, but this.... does not bode well.

Awwwwww - Eric drops his Top Ten RoCos!

Yeah, but what about how dirty your fingers get? - Roger Ebert compares reading the paper to reading the web. Worth a read. Ugh. Let's just stop there, OK?

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