Tuesday, January 20, 2009

5-4-T: Thanks for Nothing, Georgie

In this week's Five For Tuesday, we present five songs inadvertently written with today in mind, the last day in which George W. Bush can willfully harm America or the rest of the world. His damage will last decades, but today, let's just be glad that sonovabitch is gone. If these songs come across as angry, well, that should be pretty self-explanatory, right? In sum, screw that prick.

Honorable mentions:
Go Away - Living Colour
Radio - Alkaline Trio
Ruiner - NIN
Thorn in My Side - Quicksand
Career of Evil - Blue Öyster Cult

5) Super Stupid - Funkadelic

4) Hit the Road, Jack - Ray Charles

3) The End Of Our Road - Gladys Knight & the Pips

2) Glad That It's Over - 12 Rods

1) You Can't Bring Me Down - Suicidal Tendencies


David K Roberts said...

woah.... turning them all on at the same time is Trippy!

Kozy said...

I am pretty sure this is the 1st time Suicidal Tendencies have finished #1 on any music chart, ever.

Reed said...

Dude. Suicidal Tendencies is fucking awesome.