Thursday, January 15, 2009

Unyielding Commissioning Hates Hitting the Wrong Button

...which it already did So let's get those links out quickly.

The return of a favorite - Buffalo Beast has their annual list of the 50 most loathsome people of the year. As always, it's informative and hilarious.

You can't do that on television - Mental Floss gives us 10 great notable moments in Music Censorship

Blast from the past - Some old guy lays out his 10 Best American Movies. Not your typical list! His only post-1980 choice: Groundhog Day.

Please just calmly not from now on - Some scientist dudes say that headbanging is hazardous to your health. Thank God Kevin DuBrow isn't around to hear this news! Incidentally, I once injured myself headbanging. I had just picked up Helmet's landmark album, Meantime, and being a junior in high school, my hair was kinda long. I accidentally whipped myself in the eye, which led to a cut and then after that, an infection.

Orbison approved - Roger Ebert talks about crying at the movies, and how it makes us feel good. Another superb blog posting from Roger.

There goes your morning - Have some fun with the David Lee Roth Running With the Devil soundboard. The only reason the internet exists. All other websites are worthless by comparison. (ht: Dan)

Just some great news! - This is more pro-freedom than anything George Bush has ever done. Obama's choice to head the FCC is pro-net neutrality.

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