Monday, January 5, 2009

Unyielding Comissioning Is Watching Football via Illegal Methods don't expect much commentary today

Julia Roberts can ruin your life - Before you say "duh", be sure you read about this recent study which proves that people who watch romantic comedies aren't as good at the whole "real life dating" thing. Before you ask, no there was not a separate sample for Dane Cook/Ashton Kutcher fans.

Well it's about damn time - The Terminator has been chosen by the Library of Congress for the National Film Registry. An American classic, it deserves the recognition. Now if we could just get T2 in there.

Jan 20 can't get here fast enough - Andrew Bird has been getting a ton of press in the New York Times, writing Op-Ed pieces for them during the recording of his album. Now comes a profile piece about his upcoming release. It's nothing groundbreaking for anyone who's a fan, but leaves me excited for "inauguration day" nonetheless.

Gaaaaaahhhh - You don't want to read this. VH1 has a "100 greatest hard rock songs." Might be the dumbest list to date. I'll cite only one example: #66 Europe - "The Final Countdown"

Not a dumb list - The Playlist has been one of the most interesting, lively, and insightful movie blogs on the internet for two years running. Here is their list of the 20 best movies of 2008. Highly recommended. Also worth checking out, Kozy's top films (all viewed in Amsterdam!).

And while we're at it - We link them all the time because their lists are fun and interesting. This week, go check out Eric's Top Ten Movies of the Year.

It's T-shirt weather here in South America, anyway - Jaws 5, the T-shirt (Jaws in Space). No, it's not a real movie. Yet.

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Kozy said...

Thanks for the press my man. Coincidentally I was JUST reading AB's blog in the NYT. Great minds think alike ...