Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5-4-T: Break in to get down

I am no fan of musicals. This is because the music is almost always awful. But even a hard case like me has some soft spots. So, in this Five-For-Tuesday we track down on-screen musical interludes that are wholly welcome breaks in our ongoing narratives.

5) Aimee Mann - Wise Up - Magnolia (Jarmsusch on steroids)

4) Linda Scott - Every Little Star - Mulholland Dr. (positively dreamy)

3) Kecak Natives - doin' their thing - Baraka (these boys are really into character)

2) Norman Blake - A Man of Constant Sorrow - O Brother Where Art Thou? (bonafide)

1) Ray Charles - Shake a Tailfeather - The Blues Brothers (Kanye wishes he could shake a tailfeather like Brother Ray)

So what did I forget? I mean besides Pink Floyd: The Wall.

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