Friday, October 10, 2008

Unyielding Commissioning is Short On Time, Long on Empathy

Bill Murray Opens Up - Bill Murray got divorced. That really sucks. He was really bummed. You can read about it here. Bill Murray's a good dude.

That Sounds Far Too Reasonable - This year's Oscar Broadcast will be airing commercials for movies for the very first time. Apparently they didn't want anyone to think anything was rigged or connected. That's OK, the gigantic CARS sign you hung over James Taylor's head did that two years ago.

Live from Lolla - Check out some of your favorite Lollapalooza performances in AT+T's Blue Room. Let me recommend that you start with Yeasayer and go on to Bang Camaro. Or whatever you like.

And since I have no time for anything else, check out a great moment in live television:

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