Friday, March 19, 2010

Top 50 Albums of the 00s - #27: Idlewild - 100 Broken Windows

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On their debut album, Hope Is Important, Scottish rockers Idlewild really hadn't figured out what they were doing yet. Their output was a rough attempt at grungy punk which really doesn't deserve more than one spin. So the polished evolution featured on their sophomore effort, "100 Broken Windows," was certainly a surprise.

Suddenly this was a band with talent. They could write songs, deploy catchy-as-hell riffs, and singer Roddy Woomble even discovered a capable croon. But I am not trying to say that this is a band simply getting their act together. These are shimmering pop songs buoyed by an incisive edge that few bands can muster without screeching. The thing is, often times you hear a catchy tune, you dig the hell out of it for a few weeks and then it fades away as quickly as it arrived. These gems simply don't quit.

The record begins innocently enough, with a mathy riff that pops from the strings of a guitar before Woomble displays his improved vocals. But once that chorus hits, you can't help singing along, agreeing that "All I need is a little discourage." From there, the band pumps out winner after winner. I could list them, but check out the Youtubes below and then go get the rest of the album.

The records that followed have their high points, but they are just a bit too slick. On 100 Broken Windows, the band found the perfect blend of their past and future. And I know I'm going to keep reliving that moment in their timeline for years to come.

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