Thursday, May 28, 2009

Unyielding Commissioning Apologizes for Being Away So Long

...though it may be a while for the next one, too.

I like your shirt, guy - Esquire magazine gives you the 75 movies a guy must see. Actually, it's a pretty strong list overall, despite some suspect inclusions (The Incredibles and The Big Kahuna?). But there are a lot of gems in here. I was of course happy to see The Terminator as well as The Warriors, All Quiet on the Western Front, and Paths of Glory. What's missing? You could name a lot, but to me the most obvious exclusions is Conan the Barbarian. Anyway, worth checking out to see if you're a real man. More on that concept very, horribly soon. Also, in case you're still looking for movies to watch, check out the Hidden Gems we dug up on the IMDb Top 250.

At least it's an ethos - The AV Club has been doing a regular "new cult films" feature, and it was only a matter of time before they got around to our favorite new cult film, The Big Lebowksi. The feature is definitely worth a read. It's a unique take and features some very worthwhile clips from the film. A really good point, and one that I hadn't thought of quite this way serves as my favorite line of the piece:

The Coens wrote The Big Lebowski with Jeff Bridges specifically in mind as The Dude, and it’s one of those roles so instantly iconic that it would be hard to imagine anyone else pulling it off. Bridges is, in my view, the greatest actor alive, and what’s striking about his work as The Dude is his utter lack of vanity and self-consciousness. Playing a long-in-the-tooth stoner burnout would seem to invite a cartoonish goofiness—and many of the supporting characters in the film exhibit just that—but Bridges slips Zen-like into his skin and doesn’t go mugging for effect.
Of course, if you want something a bit more in-depth that is also historical, check out how we applied The Big Lewboski to the 2008 primaries. Ah, the memories. that seems so long ago now...

If it bleeds we can kill it - Sorry, that's the best intro I can give because I haven't seen the film in years and years. But someone over at Scene Stealers has given us the Top Ten Reasons Predator 2 is the Best Predator Movie in the "Franchise". Again, it's been years, and after going over the first one in our initial Schwarzenegger Sunday, I find it hard to believe that the sequel tops it. But read for yourself.

Just like it sounds - Check out these 30 Awesomely Bad Unicorn Tattoos. Seriously, be a man and click the link. Here's just a taste of what awaits you:

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