Monday, January 19, 2009

One Word Review: Twilight

55: Floaty


abacus-rex said...

Floaty? That's your review? Let me review your review: You suck.

Reed said...

Wow. I mean, I know you adore this one, but 55 is technically a positive review (though, admittedly, only just). Honestly, I thought it was a good story, poorly acted and horribly executed. I'm happy to see that they are putting a more competent director in charge for the sequel.

Webseters says floaty means "light and billowy" which is how the movie was directed and presented. It was intentionally un-serious when every theme presented warranted serious meditation. Honestly, it shoulda been better than it was. But I still liked it a heckuva lot more than your man or my woman. So I guess I'm saying, take what you can get... this case, that's a 55.

Also, "you suck" is two words.

Reed said...

I should say that when I say "poorly acted" I'm primarily referring to the female lead, but various vampires were also comically buffoonish (most notably the "evilest" vampire).

abacus-rex said...

Well, I didn't expect such thorough answer, although I most definiely appreciate it. I was just being funny ... in my head, anyways.

There is a handful of movies out there, where I suspend my dibelief to a higher degree than usually, on purpose. To me, this was a great movie, regard less of acting or directing (neither of which I feel were as terrible as you suggest). I loved this movie because of the emotions that it invoked in me, which I will keep to myself.

In addition, I feel that if one chooses to let go a little of this deeply critical approach, one may enjoy the movies a little more. And what's the harm in that?

Finally, I never said my review will be a OWR ... so there!

Reed said...

The thing is, for many movies I don't care if it's not shot technically well. I love Adam Sandler movies various others that are not at all artistic (case in point, my somewhat positive review yesterday). But when a director is constantly announcing his/her presence by doing goofy things with the camera, twirling it overhead for no apparent reason, that's not me being judgmental. That's them fucking with me. And I can't really overlook it because they're rubbing my face in it. This director did some of the same stuff with her first film, Thirteen, and it bothered me then, too. See my other comments this week about one Brian DePalma (the master of messing with the audience for his own ego-inflating purposes). Again, I liked the movie and if someone remotely capable would have been directing, and someone more talented playing the female lead, I actually think it could have been a great movie. But those flaws were bothersome enough that they continually took me out of the story that we came to see.