Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unyielding Commissioning Bursting With Bunly Goodness

The Ace Unswayed - Slash film has the trailer for an upcoming documentary on Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister. It is long overdue and looks pretty damn sweet if you ask me. It's basically just a ton of people saying how badass Lemmy is. I'm certain to be satisfied. Don't think they'll show this, though:

Sorry Lemmy. That was mean. Check this badboy out instead.

I Pity The Fools - In the UK, Mr. T's most recent "Snickuhs" commercial has been banned because gay rights activists have called the ad homophobic. The ad in question:

Seeing that, I have to question just who is the homophobe here? There is nothing about that ad that has anything to do with gay people as far as I can tell. Are gay men more likely to go on speed-walking jaunts around town? That is news to me. T denied the claims of sexism, and he's absolutely right. After the anti-gay people had such a problem with this one, it appears that the good folks in England have lost not only their sense of humor, but their sense of reality. I suppose nobody is allowed to have fun anymore. That's it. I'm not eating Snickuhs anymore.

Bang Your Camaro - We mentioned seeing the band Bang Camaro at Lollapalooza. They put on quite a show. If you've become a fan, or even if you haven't, now's your chance to join them as lead singer (well, one of 'em anyway). In their upcoming tour, they are looking for fans to join them onstage. I have no idea how long you get to be a part of it, but all the details are here. In Chicago, Bang Camaro will be playing September 25th at Double Door. Their Lolla show was a ton of fun, and I can only imagine being behind a microphone for it would be even better. How on earth they're going to fit 20 folks on the Double Door's tiny stage is an issue for another day. Go audition!

You Fools! - Mental Floss gives us 5 Famous Actors and the Roles They Turned Down. For a long time, I assumed McQueen was still alive and just not working anymore. He, uh, died 28 years ago. My bad.

Thanks, Bushy - Andrew over at Live Music Blog has an excellent posting on how high gas prices are affecting bands' ability to tour. The Sound Opinions folks touched on this in a recent podcast as well. One salient point:

If a Chicago based band tours the west coast taking the northernly route out to Seattle and down to LA then drives back to Chicago the group is looking at a 5,000 mile trip. That could be upwards of $2000 in gas costs alone. If the group plays a dozen dates and makes $200 a show on average, there is less than $500 for all other expenses -- making fast food a luxury good.
The bottom line is, just because you live in a city and ride your bike to work doesn't mean that the gas prices don't affect you. Concert tickets will have to become more costly so bands can afford to tour at all.

Rockwell Would Be Proud - Check out Tony's Top Ten Voyeuristic Films. No, Sliver didn't make the cut. Neither did The Girl Next Door. But The 'Burbs did!

Enriched Hitch - Also from Mental Floss, Four facts for Hitchcock's birthday. Nothing astounding, and two of the four items are generally well-known, but celebrate the man anyway!

Missing Mac - As you've no doubt heard, Bernie Mac passed away at age 50 the other day. 50! What a shame. Mac was a truly unique comic who always brought something to the table in every endeavor, even cameo appearances in movies like Booty Call. I never really paid much attention to him until I heard the standup clip below. From that point on, I was a fan. Bernie, you were one of the good ones and you're gone far too soon. RIP.


Scene-Stealers said...

Thanks for posting Tony's Top 10. I think you need to do one! I'll post it and cross-promote your blog...whadaya say?

PMaz said...

You really thought McQueen was still alive? Nice. Will Smith in "The Matrix". Yuck. I wish THAT guy would retire.