Tuesday, February 19, 2008

...And We're Back

Hi Gang,

Thanks for being patient whilst I recovered from knee surgery. Further details on that whole deal can be found here. The bottom line is the kneehab is progressing ahead of schedule and a full recovery has been prognosticated by those wh0 know about such things. Too bad about this rotten weather or I could get outside a bit more. But all that ice is extra precarious right now.

Thanks to the end of the writers' strike, it's Oscar week! So I'll have a big batch of One Word Reviews for as many of the nominees as possible. We'll end the week with our second-annual Oscar First Blush, though last year's cohort, Brad, has fled the continent. I'll need a new partner who digs film and likes to make fun of people. That's harder to find than you think.

So stay tuned here. We're happy to be back in the saddle, if only figuratively for now.

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