Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Single Blue Weblog Seeks Tagline

I don't have a standard, "here's what's up" kind of post title that most bloggers have. That's good because so far, I haven't had to write many of those. But I think it's high time that I came up with something. So here are the leading candidates:

  • Unyielding Enlightening
  • Bloggin' in the Boneyard
  • Subliminal Dispatchism
  • The Warmth of your Blog

So if you like any of those, please chime in. If you have other suggestions, chime in as well.

Unyielding Enlightening gets published: You may be aware that the Oscars are Sunday on ABC. Tune in to see frequent American Express commercials featuring Ellen DeGeneres and a bunch of animals. I'm not sure what to expect from Ellen's performance, but I think it's safe to say, she'll be better than Whoopi. In any event, the Tribune had a feature about Oscar snubs and sought input from readers. Feeling inspired, I submitted my two cents and they had the good sense to list me first. Seriously, I think that Oscar gets it wrong way more often than right, but I'm just one man...

Bloggin' in the Boneyard to watch Academy Awards: As mentioned previously, I'll be doing a First Blush of the Oscar broadcast. There's no "Crash" in the bunch for me this year, so unfortunately, the odds of you getting to see me go crazy are slim. Well, I'll still have to endure all the damn songs. This year, that includes Melissa Ethridge. That's how far I'm willing to go, people.

Subliminal Dispatchism suddenly misses Tower Records: I should have known better, but while you can purchase Explosion in the Sky's new release (All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone) from Circuit City online, you can not actually get it in their stores - at least not the ones I visited. So the First Blush on that release will have to wait until it comes in the mail. Most likely two weeks given how things have been going lately. This better not happen when Neon Bible comes out in a few weeks!

The Warmth of Your Blog has a flat tire: Anyone got a patch kit? Maybe the rim shop on the first floor of my building can help.

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Anonymous said...

Bloggin' in the Boneyard! Now I've got Fishbone in my head at work. Not that it's a bad thing.