Monday, September 22, 2008


Sir Ben Kinglsey impersonating Ian McKaye. And why not?

Sir Ben Kingsley STOMPS into the shoes of Minor Threat's Ian MacKaye from Mean Magazine on Vimeo.
(HT /film)


biz said...

A 64-year old Ben Kingsley playing an 18-year old Ian MacKaye?? Interesting you don't see that more: older people playing younger roles.

I can't find much info on this clip. Is it from a full-length movie or just some viral video thing?

Kingsley gives Minor Threat a lot of credibility... Ghandhi is a punk rocker!

Reed said...

I have no rightly idea how or why this came about. Hence the short title for the posting.

I think the Ramones changed the title of that tune from Gandhi to Sheena because they didn't want to piss off the Indian subcontinent.