Friday, September 26, 2008

One Word Roundup

Where have all those One Word Reviews gone, you may be asking? The dishonest answer is that we lost them in the move. The honest answer is that they made the move but we haven't found the time to look them up. Shame on us. Anyway, we hereby pledge to get the OWR train chugging again next week. In the meantime, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the 158 OWRs we've already posted. Remember that these ratings out of 100, but are not letter grades. If you're new to this, check out the criteria laid out in advance.

And rather than give them to you in chronological order (because movies are timeless, right?), we've organized them by the rating. Have at it, and leave comments about where you disagree.

Film Review Rating
Date Movie Worthless 16
Failure to Launch Stupid 19
Batman & Robin Vomit 20
27 Dresses Weak 21
Mrs. Henderson Presents Boobies 22
Shanghai Noon Inauthentic 26
My Best Friend's Wedding Foolish 28
Crash Inane 28
Penelope Sloppy 34
Party Monster Draggy 34
The Evil Dead Flimsy 34
Gladiator Banal 35
Cars Vacuous 35
Jesus Camp Condemny 38
Team America: World Police Spewey 38
Dogtown and Z-Boys Self-centered 39
Beer League Slutty 39
The Break-up Juvenile 39
Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic Schtuck 42
Transformers Blatant 42
Fever Pitch Whiffy 42
The Devil Wears Prada Skinny 46
The Simpsons Movie Gaggy 48
Die Hard With A Vengeance Ridiculous 48
Me and You and Everyone We Know Absurd 50
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Slippery 52
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Slow 52
Clerks II Chunky 52
Mean Girls Vapid 53
The Darjeeling Limited Sour 53
Eight Below Dorky 53
Water Low 53
In Good Company Gimmicky 54
March of the Penguins Vacant 54
I Am Legend Haphazard 55
The Squid and the Whale Conceited 55
Big Fish Corny 55
Bringing Up Baby Batty 57
Once Upon a Time in Mexico Stuffed 57
Nashville Tedius 59
American Hardcore Nostalgic 60
Cloverfield Blaring 61
Millions Squawky 61
School of Rock Aggressive-passive 61
Hot Fuzz Punchy 62
Ocean's Thirteen Winky 62
Click Cute 62
The Aviator Fluttered 63
The Kite Runner Plotty 63
The Host Scattered 63
The Proposition Tough 63
Death Proof Self-parodic 64
The Savages Shouty 64
Garden State Harebrained 64
North Country Heavy 64
Babel Rambled 64
Gone Baby Gone Episodic 65
Hero Vibrant 65
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Jolly 65
Napolean Dynamite Lucky 65
Idiocracy Jocose 65
Repo Man Pointy 66
Marathon Man Muddy 66
The Prestige Ostentatious 66
Ocean's Eleven Smooth 67
Michael Clayton Limpid 68
Million Dollar Baby Dubious 68
Hard Eight Soulled 70
Blood Diamond Schemey 70
Pan's Labyrinth Stormy 70
The King of Kong: A Fistfull of Quarters Square 71
Super Size Me Blithe 71
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Oblique 71
Thief Lonely 72
No End In Sight Damning 72
Syriana Recondite 72
Misery Maniacal 73
Superbad Rambunctious 73
Juno Inconsistent 73
300 Red-blooded 73
Lord of War Ambitious 73
Long Day's Journey Into Night Dark 73
The Assassination of Jesse James Deliberate 74
A History of Violence Indecisive 74
Sicko Illuminating 74
Bonnie and Clyde Gutsy 74
Capote Intimate 74
Broken Flowers Circumspect 74
Oldboy Alive 74
Half Nelson Lonesome 74
The Illusionist Extravagant 75
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Unabridged 75
V for Vendetta Amplified 76
Brick Loaded 76
Deathtrap Sly 76
United 93 Taut 76
Thank You For Smoking Slick 76
Standing in the Shadows of Motown Fond 77
Everyone Says I Love You Adorable 77
Eastern Promises Pinpoint 77
The Fountain Challenging 77
Match Point Crafty 77
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia Explosive 77
Three Kings Shrewd 78
Black Snake Moan Robust 78
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Self-indulgent 78
Casino Royale Manic-depressive 78
Good Night, and Good Luck. Lucid 79
Being There Fragrant 79
An Inconvenient Truth Cogent 79
In Bruges Patient 80
Lost In America Jaunty 80
Knocked Up Jocund 81
Sanjuro Playful 81
Murderball Muscular 81
Grizzly Man Obsessive 81
The Queen Deft 81
Away From Her Dour 82
49 Up Merited 82
Static Spooky 82
The Warriors Digable 82
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead Overwrought 83
The Barbarian Invasions Remissive 83
Little Miss Sunshine Winning 83
The Dark Knight Sensational 84
The Killing Fields Demanding 84
No Country for Old Men Muted 84
In the Heat of the Night Striking 84
For A Few Dollars More Sudden 84
Sin City Colorful 84
Adaptation. Clever 84
The 40 Year Old Virgin Eruptive 84
Touching the Void Gripping 84
The Departed Tensey 84
Collateral Sleek 86
Miller's Crossing Smart 86
I Know I'm Not Alone Welcome 86
Amelie Darling 86
Zodiac Meticulous 87
Once Upon a Time in America Rich 87
Cinema Paradiso Bellissimo 87
O Brother, Were Art Thou? Bonafide 87
The Fog of War Potent 88
Children of Men Captivating 88
Casablanca Proud 89
Borat: Cultural Learnings… Outrageous 89
Smiles of a Summer Night Sparkling 89
Ratatouille Delectable 90
Running on Empty Honest 90
American Splendor Exceptional 90
Fight Club Provoking 91
Rushmore Sincere 92
There Will Be Blood Ruthless 93
Hoop Dreams Phenomenal 94
Network Profound 96
Pulp Fiction Respectful 99
Dr. Strangelove Marvelous 99
Chinatown Wistful 100

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