Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Unyielding Commissioning is Perturbed

See You at the Party Richter - Over at The Movie Blog, they've posted their "10 Most Talentless People In Movies." According to them, the #1 least talented person in Hollywood is... Arnold Schwarzenegger. Well, you can imagine how I reacted to such a thing. I originally posted the following comment:

How can you put Schwarzenegger on this list at all, let alone in the top spot? Arnold's popularity never stemmed from his muscles. The guy's talented. Having him included corrupts your whole list. Having him number one makes you a rabble-rousing punk.
But minutes later, the comment had disappeared. Perhaps I went too far? Let me know what you think. I really like The Movie Blog. They are truly devoted to film and to blogging and deserve what they've achieved. They work hard. But to put Schwarzenegger above the likes of Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and Dane Cook? Please. If you personally don't like Schwarzenegger or his movies, fine, but there's a reason that every film he's been in makes piles and piles of money, winning over millions of fans while The Hottie and the Nottie is the IMDb's 15th worst movie of all time and grossed $27,696. If you really believe that Arnold has less talent than these people, then you're less of a movie fan than I thought. And if you are doing this just to ruffle feathers and garner comments, then you're being dishonest and are worse bloggers than I thought. I don't know what to think, actually.

I discussed the Arnold mystique a bit when I set up the Schwarzenegger Sunday feature. And in reviewing the majority of his leading roles last year, I discovered he was even more gifted than I believed. I find myself offended at this point, and not just because of the time I put in. It feels like someone has just told me that Sarah Palin will be a good president because she can see Russia from her home state.

I doubt my comment was intentionally removed from their site, but if it was, that would be an act of cowardice. Given some of the others that remain, and the fact that they generally seem to let the complaints fly most of the time, I have to imagine it was simply a technical error. But I'm annoyed at the list anyway. I've lost a little respect for the guys. It pains me to say that.

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