Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Unyielding Commissioning Is Already Applying Sunscreen

Pitchfork is this week! -- Have you figured out your plan yet? Well, since there are only three stages and it's a rather compact area, you don't need to map it all out like Lolla. So just go an enjoy the fest. The forecast currently calls for hot, rainy weather, but what do they ever know anyway? Jim Derogatis has his highlights picked out. The biggest revelation is that they have promised that the sound will be improved and they have moved the third stage from its cramped corner. It will now be where the poster fair has been in years past. For me, this is all about Mission of Burma, Public Enemy and Dinosaur Jr. From there, I just plan to be chill and check everything out.

18, Clumsy and Shy -- Roger Ebert's blog continues to raise interesting discussions and points. His latest posting is about the "movie of his life." He chooses La Dolce Vita. I honestly feel I'm too young to do this correctly, but the ones in the running so far would be Risky Business, Clerks, and Say Anything... Read his posting (it's rather brief) and then share the movie of your life here in the comments.

Don't Bring Me Down, Bruce -- In their most somber top ten yet, Eric from Scene Stealers lays out the Top Ten Untimely Actor Deaths. It's an excellent list, but lacks the usual jollity we expect from Scene Stealers on a Tuesday.

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