Friday, July 18, 2008

Pitchfork Planning

All right. The day is finally upon us. Tonight begins the Pitchfork Music Festival. I've listened to something from every band and I think I know what I think I think. Here's my brief take on each act along with a 1-10 rating of my interest level. Order is chronological according to the schedule.

Mission of Burma - 9 Obviously, I wish they were playing a regular set because their new stuff is so good, but I'll take Vs. anyway.
Sebadoh - 5 They're a good enough band, doing their Sebadoh thing, but I just don't find myself caring all that much for some reason.
Public Enemy - 10 The most compelling act on the docket. I really wish they were able to go off script and play stuff from Fear of a Black Planet, but I'll take it anyway.


A Hawk and a Hacksaw - 3 Kind of intersting, creative stuff, but it's too hidden to play a festival crowd well.
Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar - 6 Halfway between jazz and world with an eastern European flair
Titus Androincus - 7 Pretty fun, shouty garage rawk
Jay Reatard - 5 Beyond the offensive name, his music is kinda fun, but largely uninteresting
Caribou - 7 I've had their album since the fall, and they've grown on me a bit, though I'm skeptical of their stuff coming off in a festival setting
Icy Demons - 6 A little goofy, and they may be really flat live. But I'm curious.
Fleet Foxes - 8 Grizzly Bear meets Doves, but a bit stripped down - very strong vocals
Fuck Buttons - 8 Electronic, ambient - a bit trance-inducing, the music has a lot of potential in it
Dizzee Rascal - 4 English hip-hop. He's pretty good, but he's not making me care a whole lot
The Ruby Suns - 6 Quiet, electronic pop - almost world music/easy listening
Vampire Weekend - 5 Way too Paul Simon-y for me, but I'm curious about a live show
Elf Power - 3 Saw 'em at Double Door - one song was good, the rest utterly boring
!!! - 6.5 Like a dance-oriented Faith No More without the intensity, talent, or frontman - in other words, likely worthwhile enough
Extra Golden - 2 At their best, like the end of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes"
The Hold Steady - 7 I can't get into their garage rock albums, but these guys are good live and play a festival well
Atlas Sound - 5 Spacey, but not overly compelling - not going to play that well I think
Jarvis Cocker - 6 Nick Cave-ish vocals with more straight rockin' tunes - kind of like Edwyn Collins without the swank
No Age - 5 Vocals are awful, but they do rock a bit
Animal Collective - 5 Experimental for the experiment's sake


Mahjongg - 3 Lots of beeps and other random acts of nonsense
Times New Viking - 7 Tons of dirty distortion - Eric's Trip meets Yo La Tengo meets White Denim meets Pinebender, ideally
High Places - 4 So quiet they're almost silent
Dirty Projectors - 4 Pseudo soul, but not really. Actually I'm not sure what they're trying to do.
Boris - 8 Punky, sloppy Japanese metal with sleepy vocals - what's not to like???
HEALTH - 6 Lots of drums - Battles comparisons are apt, but it's a poor man's Battles - it doesn't pop like Battles or, say, Don Caballero
The Apples in Stereo - 3 Just way too damn poppy for me
King Khan & The Shrines - 7 Potentially fun as hell - straight 60s blues rock with a ton of swaggering personality
Les Savy Fav - 9 Just crazy
The Dodos - 5 Nice and peaceful indie folk-rock, but nothing that stands out
Occidental Brothers Dance Band International - 2 Really cheesy world music - like something you'd hear on a cruise ship - there will be hippie dancing
M. Ward - 6 If Ben Harper had some real soul. You have to decide if that's a good thing
Ghostface Killah & Rakewon - 5 Honestly, I've never understood the Wu Tang Clan infatuation
Spiritualized - 7 A spacey Spoon? They've always been a bit straight for me, but I'll check 'em out for sure
Bon Iver - 6 Acoustic with high, plaintive vocals - a bit like M. Ward, actually - might not come off well at a festival
Dinosaur Jr. - 9 I know this will disappoint to a degree - too short a set and too many people who won't "get it", but any Dino is good Dino in my book
Cut Copy - 5 Dance music - VHS or Beta versus the Petshop Boys
Spoon - 6 They play pretty well live, but they only have a handful of songs I dig - another early departure is a possibility

What's your opinion?


Anonymous said...

I agree, Friday is the big day.

Anonymous said...

Animal Collective is "experimental for the experimental's sake"? You should retire from music blogging immediately for that comment alone.

Not to mention, "I've never understood the Wu Tang Clan infatuation"?

Start writing about Gray's Anatomy or something a little more your speed. This "music" thing just isn't your strong suit.