Thursday, May 3, 2007

Unyielding Conditioning Gets You Served

Go get it! Feist's new record, The Reminder, is out this week. The place to go is Best Buy which not only has it for 7.99(!), but also has limited edition copies that come with three free downloads of additional tracks. No First Blush on that one, but I recommend picking it up. I've only gotten through it once, but there are a lot of interesting tracks including a kickin' Nina Simone cover.

My nerdy sense is not tingling. So who's going to the midnight showing of Spider Man 3 with me tonight? Nobody? You all say that you can just wait and see the exact same movie at a reasonable hour tomorrow or any other day for the next two months? I see. I understand that some movies have cult followings and warrant the midnight treatment - and I know that Spider Man as an entity has a cult following, but I'm just not seeing people line up to see a pretty standard action movie. Just my two cents. Don't get me wrong, I want to see the movie too, but if I'm staying out 'till 2 AM on a Thursday, there will be a fair amount of booze involved. If they do line up - there's no way they look like this:

Pay your respects to the Godfather! May 3rd is James Brown's birthday, so it's high time you recognized him as the greatest performer who ever lived. This video should be about three minutes longer (the beginning is cropped), but you get the idea. Apparently the Rolling Stones were supposed to appear onstage immediately after Brown, but were terrified to do so. I implore you to watch this again and again today. James, you left us too soon...

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PMaz said...

As much as I love "Spiderman", I really hate crowds. Plus, freaky people show up for those midnight shows. I will probably wait 2-3 weeks myself.