Friday, May 18, 2007

Unyielding Commissioning Doesn't Eat at Burger King

All right. We get it! I don’t know if you’ve heard but apparently there’s a new Shrek movie coming out this weekend. Apparently you can get all kinds of Shrek bric-a-brac at various locations around town. I can’t even begin to keep track of all the corporate tie-in ads I’ve seen, and I don’t watch much television. The last time I can recall a movie having this much corporate sponsorship, it was The Cat in the Hat. So my new theory (based off of two movies I’ve never seen) is that the more co-promotion tie-ins, the worse the film. Who’s with me? But then again, if I go to Quiznos, I think they’ll give me a free Shrek plastic sack. That is hard to pass up…

Is that all you’ve got? Lolla keeps adding bands and I keep not having heard of them. Check out this list: The Postmarks, John Paul White, Tom Schraeder, Cage the Elephant, Smoosh, MrNorth, Kevin Michael, Powerspace, Inward Eye, Wax on Radio, Dear and the Headlights, Ludo, The Graduate, Lady Gaga. Are these for the kids stage or something? I may not be Lester Bangs or anything, but last year’s list was infinitely more recognizable. I’m starting to get way more excited for Pitchfork who is hosting a ton of bands I’m eager to check out. Plus, it was only 35 bucks for two days.

That said, Against Me! has been added to the Lolla lineup, so at least there’s hope of them adding some more established acts.

Sorry for the light posting the last two days. A hectic work schedule and the Bulls getting knocked out of the playoffs have hampered my time and motivation respectively. Lots more next week including two Arcade Fire reviews (show starts in 3.5 hours!).

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