Monday, February 6, 2012

One Word Review: The Tree of Life

74: August


PMaz said...

Now honestly....have you ever used "August" to mean anything other than the month? I have seen people make this their #1 movie for 2011, and others trash it. I guess there is no in-between. Since I hated "The Thin Red Line", I am in no hurry to see it.

Reed said...

What can I say? It was the word that best fit. And no, I probably have never used it before.

I suppose I'm the only one in the in-between. 74 is right at "good" for me. If you see it, it will be MUCH better in the theater. This movie is going to be unwatchable at home. If I were a more religious man, I would probably have rated it much higher. It is one of the most ambitious movies ever made. If a few things had been handled a bit differently, I would have had to consider putting it up in the 90s or so. It's an amazing piece of work that just had some areas that didn't come together for me. That's all I'll say. I recommend seeing it (but going in knowing you are not going to see a remotely typical narrative). In sum, it was kept from being a masterpiece from my perspective, but still an impressive output nonetheless.