Monday, July 6, 2009

One Word Review: I Love You Man

63: Rushed


Kozy said...

I get that they were into the band Rush, but how does Rushed describe this enjoyable comedy?

Reed said...

I realize that this review is probably the most vague OWR to date, which is quite the strong statement. Clearly the pun was too good to pass up. However, I also find the description apt for this film, though I am making some assumptions about its flaws. First of all, I certainly agree that it was enjoyable. Everyone should remember that a 63 is still a positive review, though only just. There were some truly hilarious one-liners and gags in this movie. The supporting cast generally delivered, especially Tom Lennon and Jon Favreau.

But many aspects of this picture just seemed hastily thrown together or improved to the point of dullness. I think the line "slappin de bayass" was uttered no less than 15 times. It wasn't funny the first time, and appeared that it was overly milked because they were short on material. I was thoroughly uninterested in the Paul Rudd character, and of all his subpar performances, this was the most flat to me. The whole plot is paint-by-numbers, and the fiancee was simply a caricature of the perfect woman for any guy. As a vehicle for jokes, the movie worked. I definitely enjoyed the film, but I don't really have any interest in seeing it again. There's no real story here, but I laughed anyway. I don't know how much time and effort they put into it, but to me it seemed more like and SNL sketch with a lot of laughs, but little substance. Compared to the other movies from the Apatow gang (note - Apatow was not involved this time), this one felt small and quick.

Thanks for asking, Kozy. I was hoping someone would call me out on it so I could give an explanation.