Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back in the saddle?

Hey there kiddos! So I've heard a few grumbles about the whole "no posting thing." I'm armed with plenty of excuses. First, the age-old curse of the blogger: work. Work is very, very, extremely busy these days. Second, I was on vacation. I live in Argentina. I gotta see more than just the city. Third, major computer problems. But I have every intention of getting back on the horse and blogging. Starting now with a link to something somebody else wrote.

There have been loads of Top Ten Movies of the Decade lists out there. (NOTE: Eric from Scene Stealers has a particularly good one). But Frank Beaver, my college film professor, probably one of the people that made me really start appreciating movies, has a somewhat different approach. He eventually gets around to his favorites of the decade (with which I really don't overlap at all), but first takes the historian's approach by looking at the most important trends and changes of the last ten years. We spend so much time getting excited about the next film, we often fail to see the big picture. So let's learn a bit.

I have a lot more in the hopper. Fingers crossed that I have the time to get it to you.

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