Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Huge Pile Of Unyielding Commissioning

So it's been a while since we linked to anything. You're getting a boatload today, people. Dig in!

Even the losers get lucky sometimes - Scene Stealers drops another great list: Top Ten Oscar Nominated Movies With Zero Wins.

Take the test - In the lead-up to the Oscars, the gang over at Mental Floss did a series of movie quizzes. Try Gone With the Wind (I got 7/16), The Good the Bad and the Ugly (10/15), Quiz Show (9/16), or The Big Lebowski (do you have to ask? - wait a sec - 10/12 - whaaaa?)

OK, there's some TV we actually like around here - More quizzes! From Arrested Development, name all the Bluths in four minutes. I forgot about one and forgot the name for another. It hasn't even been that long! Simpsons Guest Star quiz (13/15 - rats!). A Mr. Burns Quiz (8/15 - hard!). I hope that leaves you quizzed out.

Still waiting for the real version - The Onioin's AV Club does an in-depth review of Eyes Wide Shut. I haven't seen this film since the theaters, but I still believe it's underrated. Great job by Scott Tobias in this trip down memory lane.

Two Thumbs Up - Roger Ebert looks back on his memories of his old friend Gene Siskel. That one's a great read. Another strong one is his recent declaration that he's done with snark. Good luck with that, Rog. Wait a sec, that was kinda snarky. I apologize.

A Small Victory - Holy Crap! Faith No More is back together and playing a show in Europe. It appears that this reunion will be without guitarist Jim Martin, but that's hardly a surprise. The other bands at this festival generally suck ass, and I have to think that they are only there for the paycheck. Sharing a stage with Korn and Slipknot? It just seems so beneath them. I should note that FNM was always much bigger in Europe than in the US. Their performance headlining the 1995 Phoenix Festival in Stratford on Avon, England remains one of the greatest shows I've ever seen, thanks in no small part to a gigantic field full of insane fans. Also, one of the first things I ever wrote in this here blog was a defense of the band against claims that they spawned all the horrendous bands that, uhhhh, appear to be playing this same festival.

He solves problems - Want some new tunes? Having a party and in need of some jams? Head over to Mister Wolf's Mixtape Mania for a frequent update of the latest rock and roll for your soul. Seriously, check these mixes out. Here's hoping Mr. Wolf keeps turning it up!


K. Telle said...

It may well be for the money - as most things are - but surely Patton isn't thinking of money when he makes his Bungle and Fantomas music. Maybe this is for fun as well as money and to serve to purpetuate Patton's projects?

I love Imperial Teen, but they aren't making any money either.

I say good for them. Maybe it's their version of Crispin Glover accepting roles in Epic Movie asnd Charlie's Angels but with more integrity since FNM are great.

Reed said...

I should clarify. My comment that they are probably just doing this for cash was not a condemnation or even a criticism, but a lament. I would be much happier if they were actually putting together some kind of project (and a tour where more people could see them).

Scene-Stealers said...

I love FNM, but after Angel Dust, each album got progressively worse. Love to see them play that in its entirety!