Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Unyielding Commissioning Approves This Message

Because a car wash is so passé Sorry you missed Andrew Bird at The Hideout for his tuneup show last year? Well February 28th is your chance to do a make good at the city's most intimate venue. Odds are he'll be playing some new tunes, too. But it's going to cost you. Tickets are 100 bucks a pop. Whaaaa? Before you judge Bird as a money-grubbing capitalist, you should know that the show is a fundraiser for Barack Obama. We here at FtY would love to see Bird again, especially in such close confines, but the whole lack of steady income and busted knee thing combine to keep us home for this one. If you're so inclined, sign up and bring your credit card.

A long walk Tapes 'n Tapes have officially announced their new album. Walk it Off comes out on April 8th, which is a helluva long time to wait. Fortunately, their 2006 release The Loon only gets better with ages, so consider us satiated until then. The first single, "Hang Them All," has hit the internets. Stereogum not only has more info, but actually has the song available for your perusal. It's far less rockin' then when they performed it last summer, but still sounds great. A recent Pitchfork interview with frontman Josh Grier gives more reason for optimism. They play Metro with White Denim (v'nice!) on April 11. Tix go on sale Saturday. Count us in.

It's pronounced Yens Speaking of tickets and shows and the like, we have an extra one for Jens Lekman at the Logan Square Theater on 3/31. So if you like Jens and want to go, let us know. The show is not sold out yet, but probably will be by kickoff or gametime or whatever parlance of our time you prefer.

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