Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unyielding Commissioning Is On a Diet

I'll Have Just a Taste -- GvB gave us the heads up on the sparest of tidbits from Franz Ferdinand's new album. It's just a few measures on a loop, but it sounds very interesting. A little bluesier or something. Like they've been hanging out with The Black Keys or something. Check out the sampling here. Anyway, we dig it.

An Inarguable list -- The Ten most expensive movies ever made.

A Debatable List -- ...but hard to argue with as well. Eric's Top Ten Worst Twist Endings. His #1 is undeniably accurate. Thankfully, we haven't seen many of these films, but Eric cautions us about putting any time into any of them. We're planning to heed his advice.

Happy Wonkaversary -- Gene Wilder turns 75 today. We happen to love the guy 'round these parts. Happy Birthday, Gene! In celebration of the man and his work, here's one of his best:

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