Friday, July 13, 2007

Unyielding Commissioning Presses the Flesh

¡Finalmente! Lollapalooza has finally made up its collective mind on that TBD slot. The winner is Rodrigo y Gabriela. They’re Mexican and play mainly instrumentals with just two guitars. Check out their myspace page. They list their style as “Acoustic / Folk Rock / Metal.” I was skeptical of such a claim, but after listening to their spot-on cover of Metallica’s Orion, they won me over. They also do a superb Led Zeppelin cover. Unfortunately, it’s Stairway to Heaven, but they play it really well. So give them a listen. They’ve likely strummed their way into my Lolla attendance plan.

Speaking of Lolla slots. Do me a favor and vote for Animate Objects in Lollapalooza’s “Last Band Standing” competition. They’re nearly in the finals, and a wonderful bunch of fellows. Also, after checking out the samples of all the acts, I happen to think they’re easily the best. Vote early and often, ‘kay? You can vote once per calendar day per e-mail address. Whoever votes the most gets a big hug from Mom!

Pitchfork starts tonight! I won’t be there this evening, but Saturday and Sunday look to be superb. Various other bloggers like Gorilla vs. Bear and I will be at Pitchfork this weekend. Talk about value. 35 bucks for two days is impossible to beat. I paid three times that just to see The Who, and they weren’t even all that good. The current weather forkcast says 84 and rainy on Saturday, 82 and sunny on Sunday. Hard to beat in my opinion. Lemme know if you’re going. We can meet up and rock out. Current band I’m most eager to see is Battles, barely nudging out Grizzly Bear. But it’s going to be an amazing couple of days.


Brian said...

have to say I agree with the "easily the best" comment.

thanks for supporting the dream!


Anonymous said...

I only have tix for Pitchfork tonight. I was hoping you would be coming tonight as well.

I just hope I can get there early enough to see Slint perform Spiderland, which is a great album if you haven't heard it. Sonic Youth doing Daydream nation is not too shabby either.

Maybe I'll come back to one day 2 or 3. I don't think those days are sold out yet.